University TIAA CREF, Fidelity and Schwab Accounts

There are Options for your TIAA CREF and Fidelity Accounts that you might not know about! Great News, We can manage your University Accounts.

Did you know that we can manage retirement accounts without transferring your assets or creating additional hassle? Yes, it's true, we can advise and manage your 401a, 401k and 403b assets (including retirees) of the University of Michigan, as well as retirement accounts at Delta, Ford, and many other companies. We can provide you with money-saving advice on these investments, as well as your other savings to help you set family financial goals.

All Your Investments Coming Together

If you, or your spouse, have TIAA CREF, Fidelity or Schwab accounts, there are other and more personalized options available to you. Now we can coordinate those accounts, as well as your other invested assets. Under our management, we will be able to help you choose the best investment funds from the options available at each company that will help you and your family reach your financial goals. Based upon your specific investment objectives, we will design a strategy that we believe will provide growth potential while managing volatility risk.

The Benefit to You

As your family advisor, we will coordinate your 401K, 403B, TIAA CREF, IRA, and taxable accounts all in one place. This may benefit you greatly, because you will be able to see your entire financial picture and review it on regular basis in face-to-face meeting with us. Our personalized service provides a comprehensive overview of your entire financial situation, including analyses of current finances and long-term financial goals. We offer a variety of management alternatives for today’s risk-conscious investor. From equity and income, to international, alternative, and sector funds—with socially responsible and faith-based strategies also available—we have a management strategy for the most discerning investor.