Implementing Your Plan

Your Financial Plan is developed and now it needs to be reviewed, sometimes changed, and once complete we need to put the plan into action. At this point we will identify and present appropriate products and services that are consistent with the financial planning recommendations accepted by you.

The products and services that we will recommend will be those that meet your needs, based on your objectives and priorities. Tim will always review both qualitative and quantitative information, and evaluate multiple strategies and products that could meet your needs. We will then typically present product or service recommendations alongside financial planning strategies and recommendations. This process normally takes two visits and can be done in the office or through a telephone conference.

At this point we will transfer assets, implement investment management, and begin to address insurance and estate planning issues identified in your plan. When legal, accounting, or actuarial specialists are needed; we provide referrals and can coordinate our work with theirs. At this point, our goal is to move ahead quickly and efficiently, taking care of all of the details while keeping you informed about the process.

Each along the process will be tailored to your time horizon, your tax bracket, your need for liquidity, and your tolerance for risk. We realize our financial service is an ongoing process. Once developed, we’ll help you periodically review your plan to make sure you’re still on the path for reaching your objectives.